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Here are some original mini-poems of mine. For information on the IHS Poetry Club, visit our website.


wait for the grass to grow greyer than your hair
and the soles of your shoes to wear thin
and your bouquet of flowers to turn to compost
and the cobwebs in the corner to form silk drapes
that envelope your little grey body
weave through your dull grey hair
hide your old shoes, old body, old news
and in the spring, flowers grow there.


slow down! you'll crack your head wide open
I can imagine it, in the parking lot of kmart
my skull cracked wide open
white shards like eggshells strewn about
my eyes roll in short winding circles and stop
and the gelatinous pink yolk bleeds on the asphalt
my face is an empty bag


on the night before yesterday, you flew into the sun
in a large metal contraption constructed in our garage.
you put on your hat and scarf, climbed inside your rusted womb,
looked at me so solemnly, and said:
I'll see you soon.
in the earliest hour of daylight, as the sun began to rise,
I swear I saw a little spark
of a moth with broken eyes.